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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. The AppWrangler window count is more than the number of windows I have open. What gives?

A. Many Macintosh applications maintain one or more windows that the user might never see. While AppWrangler tries to avoid counting most of these, we can’t catch them all. That is why we provide the Excluded Windows List. To see the windows AppWrangler is counting, click the Show Windows button.  If you see any windows in the list you don’t want AppWrangler to count, you can add them to the Excluded Windows List by clicking the Exclude Selected Window button. To view the Excluded Windows List for a given application, click the Excluded Windows tab at the bottom.

Q. Why doesn’t AppWrangler always automatically quit some applications like I expect?

First of all, be sure you launch AppWrangler before you launch the applications you want it to auto-quit so that AppWrangler will have a good window count. AppWrangler will only quit apps if it is counting down to the threshold window count. Also, there is about a 10 second delay between when you close a window and when AppWrangler auto-quits. This is to ensure that AppWrangler doesn’t prematurely quit apps when they’re starting up. So if you’re rapidly opening and closing windows, AppWrangler might not auto-quit them as expected. Most of the time you won’t be opening and closing windows that fast.  Just be patient and let AppWrangler do its thing.