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AppWrangler™ 1.0 is Here!

We are pleased to announce the availability of AppWrangler™!

AppWrangler is a Macintosh utility that automatically quits selected applications that no longer have open windows. You can choose which applications you want AppWrangler to automatically quit. AppWrangler helps you keep your dock free of unwanted running application icons and improves system performance by closing applications you are no longer using.

Download your free copy of AppWrangler by clicking the Download button below.

Build 1.2.0


When you download, you’ll receive the full product and be able to use it in non-activated mode to automatically quit the following applications:

  • Preview
  • Safari
  • TextEdit

To unlock AppWrangler so that it can automatically quit any of your applications, you can purchase a license key for only $4.99.  To purchase your license key and gain access to the full power of AppWrangler, click the Buy Now button below.

Use Bitcoin and Save $1.00

In order to support the growing Bitcoin movement, we offer a $1.00 or 20% discount to anyone who pays using Bitcoin. To purchase AppWrangler using Bitcoin click here:

Buy Using Bitcoin