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AppWrangler 1.0 Help

When you launch AppWrangler, it appears a a cowboy hat icon on your menu bar.  It will also initially show you a Preferences window.  This window lists all of the applications currently running on your Mac that have visible or minimized windows.

You can close the preferences window by clicking the Close button.  AppWrangler will continue running as a cowboy hat icon on your menu bar.

Using the Preferences Window

The Preferences window lists all of the applications currently running on your Mac that have visible or minimized windows.  It shows the following information:

  • Application icon: If the icon is grayed out, it means you can’t enter a quit count for this application, because your copy of AppWrangler is not yet activated, or you are running the Community Edition of AppWrangler.
  • Application name
  • Current window count: The number of windows AppWrangler found for the application.
  • Greatest window count: The greatest number of windows AppWrangler has found since you launched the application. AppWrangler only automatically quits applications when it’s counting down to the quit count you specify.
  • Quit when window count is reduced to: The threshold number of windows that will cause AppWrangler to automatically quit the application.

Configuring AppWrangler to Automatically Quit an Application

To have AppWrangler automatically quit an application, enter a number into the Quit when window count is reduced to column of the application list shown on the Preferences window. Usually the number you enter will be 0 (zero). However, some applications keep extra windows open in addition to their main document windows. In these cases, you might need to enter a number greater than zero to accommodate these additional windows.

To change the quit threshold value, click in the Quit when window count is reduced to column or press Command-E. When you are finished entering the value, press Return or Enter on your keyboard.

If AppWrangler is not yet activated, or if you are using the Community Edition of AppWrangler, you will only be able to set quit thresholds for the following applications:

  • Preview
  • Safari
  • TextEdit

Note: In order to edit the quit threshold for an application, it must appear in the application list on the Preferences window. In order for an application to appear in the application list, it must be running on your Mac. So if you wish to set a quit threshold for an application that isn’t running, you must launch the application so that AppWrangler will see it.

Using the Window List

It can sometimes be tricky determining which of an application’s windows are “real” windows. Many applications use extra windows that you might never actually see on the screen. While AppWrangler tries to exclude most of these extra windows, it can’t always catch all of them for every possible application.  The Window List lets you see all of the windows that AppWrangler has found for a given application. This can help you decide what you should set your quit threshold to.

To view the Window List, from Preferences window click the Windows button or press Command-W.

Excluding a Window From the Window Count

If you know that a particular window is not a document window that you care about, you can tell AppWrangler to exclude the window from its count whenever it counts the open windows on your Mac. To exclude a window, highlight the window on the Window List and click the Exclude Window button or press Command-X.  The window will be placed on the applications Excluded Windows List and will no longer be counted by AppWrangler.

Using the Excluded Windows List

If you wish to see the windows on the Excluded Windows List for a particular application, go to the Window List and click on the Excluded Windows tab or press Command-L. While on the Excluded Windows List, you can remove windows from the list by highlighting the excluded window and clicking the Remove From Excluded Windows List button or pressing Command-X. The window will be removed from the excluded list and once again will be counted by AppWrangler.

Viewing All Applications, Regardless of Excluded Windows

It might happen that an application is running but doesn’t appear in AppWrangler because all of its windows have been excluded. This can be a problem if you want to set a quit threshold for the application. How do you make the application appear in AppWrangler?

To see all running applications in AppWrangler, even those for which all windows have been excluded, go to the Excluded Windows List and check the Show All Applications That Have Excluded Windows check box. When this check box is checked, AppWrangler will show all running applications in the application list on the Preferences window.

Playing Silly Sounds

AppWrangler can notify you when it automatically quits an application by playing a sound each time it does so. To enable this feature, go to the Preferences window and check the Play A Silly Sound When Closing An Application check box. Each time AppWrangler quits an application, you’ll hear a sound reminiscent of western cattle drives of days of yore.